What might a Precision Information Environment look like?  To answer this question, and to establish a conceptual prototype that can guide the PIE research community’s activities over the coming years, we’ve created a vision of the not-too-distant future for emergency management.

This concept video serves as an artifact to guide research and development over the next decade.  As you’ll see, a Precision Information Environment is not a single piece of technology — it’s a suite of interoperating capabilities that provide tailored access to information and decision support across the many users, roles and phases of emergency management.  Some of these capabilities are on the cusp of broad availability; others represent opportunities for long-term investment.

Take a look at one vision for the future, then view the annotated version that describes in detail each of the technology concepts you’ll see as well as the end user needs that motivated them and the research challenges that must be addressed to make them a reality.

Ready to learn more?

Open our annotated video browser to explore each of the technology concepts in detail:

Please note: For an optimal viewing experience, the PIE video preloads in its entirety before the annotated player begins. Depending on your download speeds, the loading time may be a minute or more. Thanks for your patience.